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Happy Hoosier

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

If furniture could talk, imagine the stories it could tell....

I have a beautiful oak hoosier we've used as a computer desk for years but since I'm in the process of updating my decor, I wanted a more modern look. Being a bit of a purist, I couldn't bring myself to paint my hoosier so once again I started looking at yard sales, eBay and my new favorite website, but, surprisingly, I found an old painted hoosier on a Facebook thrift shop I follow. Thankfully, my kind husband agreed to drive me 1 1/2hr to pick it up!

antique hoosier

The hoosier was in decent shape so painting would be an easy task, especially using chalk paint since there is relatively no prep work. The small monkey wrench was the top left door wasn't hinged to the cabinet because flour sifter was still in tact. I removed the sifter and have it tucked away in a safe place for now. I cleaned the furniture, removed the doors and hinges and was ready paint. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to paint it black or cream so I chose black so it would go with my recently painted table but repainted the inside cream. I figured if I want to change the color at a later date it will be easier keep the inside a light color rather than try to paint over black.

Finding a matching hinge to attach the flour door was difficult so I used the hinge from the lower door on the flour door and found a new hinge online that is similar for the lower door so you will never notice it doesn't match.

I just love it!!

I found an inspirational rub-on transfer online that I put on the door to keep me motivated.

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