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Gnome-tastic Flag

I'm sure lucky and I gnome it! My Lucky Gnome fabric collection by Kanvas Studios is ready for St. Patrick's Day. The Lucky Gnome stripe fabric is one of my favorite designs. I kept thinking about what I could do with it and thought it would make a fun outdoor flag. There's only one problem...the fabric is cotton for quilt and craft projects, it's not meant to be outdoors unprotected.

I was excited to find Odicoat. It's almost like a modpodge for fabric.

I cut my stripe fabric and a little bit of the Mini Clovers fabric and sewed it together so when finished and turned it measured 12 x 18". I left an opening on both sides at the top to slide the flag pole through it.

I brushed on the Odicoat, one side at a time. I let each side dry before I flipped the flag and brushed the other side. I put three coats on each side. After it was completely dry, I put the flag in between parchment paper and gently pressed the flag flat with my iron.

I think it looks cute. It was quick and easy and it looks festive hanging outside.

Happy St. Patrick's day!!

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