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Tiptoe thru the Tulips

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

While I love to spend time in my art studio painting, I don't always love how much time it takes to finish a piece of art. Photoshop has become my best friend. It's a wonderful way to edit and duplicate icons in my paintings. It's also nice not to worry about mistakes since most can be easily corrected digitally. This method is good when you are going to upload your file to be printed to a print on demand site such as or an online photo printer, but if you're looking for a finished piece of art you'll have to take the care and time to complete your painting the old fashioned way.

In this video you will see me painting, scroll down to see what I created from that painting with the art in Photoshop.

☺ Happy Painting.

Here is the original painting.

Original Tulip Art

Below are just a few images created by duplicating, bending & flipping the art. I previously painted the bunnies and added them to the art for Easter. After the paint dries, there is so much digital fun to be had!


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